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Premium Training program

An intensive, hands-on program that trains participants from zero Mendix knowledge to an independently developing Mendix Consultant who develops using the highest industry standards in terms of performance, security, and manageability of code in 8 weeks. 


Training on the Job

Combine development and training by The Orange Force with our Training on the Job service.
Have your apps built, developers trained, and your team empowered by our Experts. All at the same time.


Expert Workshops

Augment your team’s skills with in-depth sessions on advanced integrations, architecture, performance, security, and more; tailor made to fit your needs and guided by the most experienced some of the most experienced Mendix Experts in the world.



No time to waste getting from zero to hero? Then our Bootcamp is just for you.
In just 3 or 5 weeks you will be ready to start working on Mendix development projects and immediately start adding some real value.

The Mendix Expert Workshop given by The Orange Force added knowledge and expertise about performance, security and architecture to our international team of experienced Mendix developers at Norsk Hydro

Ruben Nuijten
Norsk hydro


Agile Scrum Kickstarter

Teach your entire team the basics of Agile Scrum, the roles of the Product Owner, Scrum Master and Developers. Gain practical knowledge in creating Product Backlog Items & User Stories, and business rules to get your team up and running in no time! 


Mendix Product Owner

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